Update following the hack of the Journal of Historical Network Research


The good news first: The journal is back online.

As a precaution, we strongly recommend that you change your user password for JHNR and not use it elsewhere anymore.

Concerning submissions to the journal, work is still ongoing to once again facilitate file uploads to the server. Should you wish to submit an article in the very near future, please contact us via email. This issue will however also be resolved in the coming days.

Please keep in mind that the submission deadline for the second issue of the journal is coming up on May 1st.

Finally (and this is not related to the hack): Should you be among the recipients of the HNR Newsletter, please re-subscribe using the form on the HNR website as we are in the process of moving to a different mailing provider. Please click here for more details.


Thank you and with best wishes,

The editors